DataKitchen DataOps Documention


4 months ago by Lauren Meyer

DataKitchen DataOps Hub version: v1.0.3 (Carafe)

Final Release Date: 23 June 2020


Change Description

Updated topic on Alerts; content moved to separate topic from within Orders topic.

User Sessions section updated to clarify that text changes without a commit will not reset the session clock, and session timeout extended to 2:10. DEV-6407

Updated Container Nodes topic for additional detail and clarity on the delete-container-when-complete option. DEV-5924
Added mention of same in General Purpose Container topic for notebook.json example.

Section updated to remove note about alert inheritance. New child kitchens will no longer inherit parent kitchen alert settings. DEV-6483

Added topics for instruction on merging kitchens and reverting kitchen merges for a new command line feature.
Updated topics for new commands. DEV-6455

Minor updates to this web app tutorial.