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The documentation in the DataKitchen DataOps Hub describes the concepts driving the DataKitchen DataOps Platform and provides instruction on using the platform's webapp interface, command line interface, and API.

This content may contain proprietary information and is intended for use by DataKitchen, its employees, partners, and customers.

Version Control

DataKitchen documentation authors should adhere to the following policy for managing doc versions in

  • Maintain one public, stable version at any time.
  • Maintain one working version at any time. Other proof-of-concept versions may be forked temporarily.
  • Defer to the Technical Communications Team for all version and changelog management.
  • Increment all versions intended for public access with consecutive minor release numbering and name them with our alpha system using kitchen terms.
    Note: When we get to X in the alpha naming scheme, we will use Xocolati.
  • Avoid version overload. Accumulate minor changes into a single new release.
  • Log all substantive content changes in the current, unpublished changelog. See the published example.
  • Forward all content changes through a review workflow to include product owner and tech writer.


Note the following limitations for authoring content in

  • Image file size is 10 MB max.
  • Image dimensions should be smaller than 1800x1125.

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