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Add & Edit Variations

The Recipes page includes functions to add variations to the selected recipe and offers editing for a subset of variation settings.

Limited Variation Editing on Recipes Page

Note that edit variation functions available on the Recipes page are limited to entering a description, and selecting graph, override variable set, schedule, and ingredient settings. Users can make more complex variation edits from the Variation page.

Add or edit a variation from the Recipes page

  1. On the Recipes page, select the appropriate recipe.
  2. The Variations tab displays by default.
  3. Click the appropriate action.
    • To add a variation, click the Add Variation button.
    • To edit a variation, click the associated three-dot Actions menu and select Edit.
  4. In the dialog, enter a name for a new variation, and add or edit the description.
  5. In the Select a Graph field, select the radio button to use an existing recipe graph or create a new one.
    • Use Existing: Select from the existing graphs in the recipe.
    • Create New: Provide a name, then seed your new graph from the list of nodes in the recipe or copy an existing recipe graph in full.
      Note that seed nodes will appear without edge connections in a new graph.
  6. Optionally, select from existing Override Sets and Schedules.
  7. Check the Use Variation as Ingredient if this variation is intended to be used as an ingredient node in another variation.
  8. Enter a change message and click the Add button.
Users can seed a new graph with existing recipe nodes when adding or editing a variation.

Users can seed a new graph with existing recipe nodes when adding or editing a variation.

Add Variation versus Copy Variation

While the Recipes page also provides a copy function in the Actions menu for each variation, users should remember that a copy of a variation uses the same graph as the original variation. Any changes made to the graph in the variation copy will also change the graph in the original. The Add Variation function is a safer option that allows users to select or create a graph.

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Add & Edit Variations

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