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CLI Quickstart

The following Quickstart sections will guide you through the process of building data analytics pipelines wrapped in DataOps best practices. As always, the DataKitchen platform plays nice with your team's existing toolchain.

Tools Included

In addition to the standard tools we previously covered, this guide will demonstrate how DataKitchen's DataOps platform works with the following paid and open-source tools and infrastructure:


Specific topics covered include:

  • The Master Kitchen
  • Parent and Child Kitchen Relationships
  • Viewing Lists of Kitchens and Recipes
  • Creating Kitchens and Recipes
  • Getting Local Copies of Kitchens and Recipes
  • Reviewing a Recipe's Structure
  • Local vs Remote Recipe Copies
  • Updating Local File Changes to Remote
  • Cooking Orders of Recipe & Variation Pairs
  • Previewing Kitchen Merges: Parent-to-Child and Child-to-Parent
  • Merging Kitchens: Parent-to-Child and Child-to-Parent
  • Tearing Down Development Kitchen Resources

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Specific topics covered include:

  • The Vault and its Secure Storage of Secret Credentials
  • Configuring Recipe Graph Nodes
  • Viewing a File's Change History
  • Compiling Files to Review the Application of Parameter Values
  • Cooking an Order-Run of a Recipe Variation with Expanded Options
  • Implementing an Automated Tests
  • Understanding Test Types and Reviewing Their Feedback
  • Batch Updating Local Recipe File Changes to Remote
  • Listing the Orders that Exist in a Kitchen

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Specific topics covered include:

  • Adding & Configuring a Container-based Node for GUI tools, specifically for Pentaho DI
  • Validating Local Changes Applied to a Recipe
  • Creating Recipe Variations with Variable Overrides to Provide Runtime Flexibility
  • Using Locally Configured Tool to View Local vs. Remote File Differences
  • Compiling Entire Recipes to Check the Proper Application of Parameterization
  • Viewing Lists of Recipe Variations
  • Deleting Remote Copies of Recipe Files
  • Deleting Entire Versions of Remote Recipes

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CLI Quickstart

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