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Commands & Options

Parent Command

~ $ dk

  --version  Show the version and exit.
  --help     Show this message and exit.

  active-serving-watcher (asw)   Watches all cooking recipes in a kitchen
  agent-status (as)              Provides information about the agent status
  config (c)                     Configure Command Line
  config-list (cl)               Print the current configuration
  context-delete (cd)            Deletes a context
  context-list (xl)              List available contexts
  context-switch (cs)            Create or switch to a new context

  file-compile (fc)              Apply variables to a file
  file-delete (fd)               Delete one or more recipe files
  file-diff (fdi)                Show differences with remote version of a file
  file-get (fg)                  Get the latest version of a file
  file-history (fh)              Show file change history
  file-merge (fm)                To be used after kitchen-merge-preview
  file-resolve (fr)              Mark a conflicted file as resolved
  file-update (fu)               Update a recipe file
  git-setup (gs)                 Set up a GIT repository for DK CLI

  kitchen-config (kf)            Get and set kitchen variable overrides
  kitchen-create (kc)            Create and name a new child kitchen
  kitchen-delete (kd)            Provide the name of the kitchen to delete
  kitchen-get (kg)               Get an existing kitchen locally
  kitchen-history (kh)           List history of commits in a kitchen
  kitchen-list (kl)              List all kitchens
  kitchen-merge (km)             Merge two kitchens
  kitchen-merge-preview (kmp)    Preview the merge of two kitchens
  kitchen-revert (kr)            Reverts the latest commit in a kitchen
  kitchen-settings-get (ksg)     Get kitchen settings (kitchen-settings.json)
  kitchen-settings-update (ksu)  Upload kitchen settings
  kitchen-which (kw)             What kitchen am I working in?

  order-delete (od)              Delete one order or all orders in a kitchen
  order-list (ol)                List orders in a kitchen.
  order-run (or)                 Run an order: cook a recipe variation
  order-stop (os)                Stop an order - Turn off the serving...
  orderrun-delete (ord)          Delete the order run specified by the...
  orderrun-info (ori)            Display information about an order run
  orderrun-resume (orr)          Resumes a failed order run
  orderrun-stop (ors)            Stop the run of an order

  recipe-compile (rc)            Apply variables to a recipe
  recipe-create (re)             Create a new recipe.
  recipe-delete (rd)             Deletes local and remote copy of the given recipe
  recipe-get (rg)                Get the latest remote versions of recipe
  recipe-ingredient-list (ril)   Shows the available ingredients for the recipe
  recipe-list (rl)               List the recipes in a kitchen
  recipe-status (rs)             Compare local recipe to remote recipe
  recipe-update (ru)             Update all of the changed files for the recipe
  recipe-validate (rv)           Validates local copy of a recipe
  recipe-variation-list (rvl)    Shows the available variations for the recipe

  secret-delete (sd)             Delete a secret
  secret-exists (se)             Checks if a secret exists
  secret-list (sl)               List secrets
  secret-write (sw)              Write one secret to the vault
  user-info (ui)                 Get information about this user
  vault-config (vc)              Configure vault
  vault-delete (vd)              Delete kitchen vault configuration
  vault-info (vi)                List vault info

Use Kitchen Revert with Caution!

Note that the Kitchen Revert command line feature to rollback previous updates and merges can be dangerous! The kitchen-revert command should be used only with extreme caution!


View details regarding any specific command by appending the --help option:

~ $ dk kitchen-merge --help
Usage: dk kitchen-merge [OPTIONS]

  Merge two kitchens. Provide the names of the source and target kitchens.

  -sk, --source_kitchen TEXT  source (from) kitchen name
  -tk, --target_kitchen TEXT  target (to) kitchen name  [required]
  -y, --yes                   Force yes  
  --help                      Show this message and exit.

Contextual vs. Explicit Options

DKCloudCommand can interpret arguments provided either by the context of the user's current working directory or by their explicit provision as part of a command input. Some commands accept arguments only from the context of the current working directory, some only as explicitly provided, and others accept arguments from either source. Use the --help option to view the options available for any given command. DKCloudCommand's documentation will provide contextual and explicit examples where appropriate.

See the example below for demonstrative purposes. Each of the following commands are equivalent.

~/Kitchens/Dev_Sprint/Recipe1 $ dk order-run Variation1 --yes
~/Kitchens/Dev_Sprint/Recipe1 $ dk or Variation1 -y
~/Kitchens $ dk or -k Dev_Sprint -r Recipe1 Variation1 -y




-c, -f, -g


-v, -f


-k, -r, -m, -y


-k, -r




-k, -r, -m


-k, a, -g, -u, -la


-r, -a


-k, -c


-sk, -tk


-cpr, -sk, -tk


-k, -y


-k, -o, -y


-k, -oc, -orc, -r, -s


-k, -r, -n, -p, -y


-k, -o


-ori, -sk, -tk, -y


-k, -y


-k, -o, -ori, -s, -ns, -l, -t, -q, --runstatus, --disp_chronos_id, --disp_mesos_id, -at


-k, -ori


-k, -r, -v


-k, -tm


-k, -y




-m, -d


-k, -h, -s, -u, -t, -r, -p, -i, -y


-k, -y


-k, -g


Argument Detail



Add a new override to this kitchen. This will update an existing override variable.



Get all recipes along with the kitchen.



Display all information.



Number of last changes to display.



Wipe temporary files from previously unfinished Kitchen merge.



Path to config file.



The number of items to display.



Delete remote files to match local.



Kitchen description.


Display the chronos id for the Order.


Display the mesos id for the OrderRun.



File path.



Force remote version of Recipe.



Get the value for an override variable.



List global secrets.


Show this message and exit.



Vault configuration inherited from parent Kitchen.



Denotes whether custom Kitchen-Vault connection is inheritable by Child Kitchens.



Watching interval integer, in seconds.



Kitchen name.



List all variables and their values.



Display log info.



Change Message.



Recipe graph Node name.



Display node status info.



Count of Orders to display.



Order ID.



Count of Order-Runs to display.



Order-Run ID.



Overrides passed as parameters.



Parent Kitchen name.



Vault prefix (optional).



Denotes whether the Vault connection is private.



Recipe name.


Display status of the run (single line).



Vault service can be custom or default.



Source Kitchen name for merge.



Start offset for displaying orders.



Display run summary information.



Target Kitchen name for merge.



Recipe template.



Display test results.



Display timing results.



Vault token.



Delete an override variable.



Vault url (with port).



Recipe Variation name.


Show the version and exit.



Force yes.

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Commands & Options

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