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Create a Container Node

Create the Node

  1. Select your recipe and click on the variation to open the graphical view of your recipe.
  2. Click the Add Node button at the left of the Graph view.
  3. In the Add Node sidebar, select the Create new Node radio button.
  4. Select the Container radio button to identify the type of node to create.
    Optionally, you can add a data source and data sink in the field provided, or configure them later.
    If there are items in the Icons drop-down list, you can select an icon to represent the node in the graph. Alternatively, you can click the Upload Icon button to add a new node icon.
  5. Enter a name for the node at the bottom of the sidebar.
  6. Click the Create button.
    The new container node appears in the graph.

Connect the Container Node to the Graph

If you have other nodes in your graph, you can connect the new container node as an ordered step in your recipe.

  1. Click the Add Edge button.
  2. Click a node in the graph to select the source node for the edge.
  3. Click the new container node to select the target node.
  4. Click the Add notes for changelog link at the bottom of the page, and enter a brief description to label the changes you commit.
  5. Click the Update button.

Configure Container Node

You can configure the new node in each of the tabs of the Node Editor.

  1. Click on the node in your graph to open the node details sidebar.
  2. Click the Edit Node link in the sidebar.
  3. Use the tabs in the Node Editor to configure the container.
    • Configuration: Use this tab to specify scripts and variables used in the container.
    • Connections: In this tab, you define the data source and data sink.
    • Inputs: Use this tab to specify the data you want from the source and what to do with it. This tab is not available until you define a source connection in the Connections tab.
    • Outputs: Use this tab to define the output and where to send it.
    • Tests: In this tab, you create data verification tests.

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Create a Container Node

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