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Delete a Kitchen

When you delete a kitchen, you permanently remove the resources. This action cannot be undone.

  1. Find your kitchen on the Kitchens screen, then click the trash can button to the right of your kitchen.

Kitchen Delete

Use caution when deleting kitchens. This action is permanent! It cannot be undone, and you cannot retrieve the kitchen resources.

  1. In the Delete Kitchen confirmation dialog, type the kitchen name, then click the Delete button.
    Depending on the configurations you made in your kitchen, the system offers optional settings.
    • Back up kitchen orders: saves kitchen orders and order runs to an S3 bucket.
    • Promote order runs to the parent kitchen: copies all selected order runs to the parent for reference.
    • Execute rollback ingredients: a clean-up task to delete resources used during the creation of the kitchen.

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Delete a Kitchen

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