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Manage Container Icons

When you create or edit a container node in a recipe variation, you can select a component icon to represent that node in the graph view.

Selecting an icon during node creation

  1. In the Graph tab of your variation, click the Add Node link.
  2. In the Add Node sidebar, select the Create New Node and the Container radio buttons.
  3. Select from the Icon drop-down list that displays below the Container option.
    • The Icon list contains both built-in and custom icons. Type in the Filter Options field to find the icon by name.
    • Alternatively, you can click the Upload Icon button to add a new node icon file.
    • The icon appears on your container node in the graph when you select to view Node Components from the Graph Mode drop-down list.
  1. Enter a name for the container, and click the Create button.
  2. Use the Graph Mode drop-down list on the right side of the screen to view the graph by Node Components.

Changing a container node icon

  1. In the Graph tab of your variation, click on the container node.
  2. In the node sidebar, click the container node icon at the top.
  3. Select a new icon from any tab in the Select an Icon dialog.
    This selection dialog displays all available icons, both built-in (default) and added (custom).
  4. Click the Use button.

Icon Property in Container Node File

The system records your icon setting for a container node as a property in the description.json file for the node. You can access this file, if necessary, via the File Editor or the Command Line Interface.

Adding a new container icon

  1. Access the Select an Icon dialog by one of two methods.
    • Click a container node in the graph to open the node sidebar, then click the current node icon at the top of the sidebar.
    • Double-click the node to open the Node Editor, then click the icon at the top left of the screen.
  2. Click the Upload tab in the selection dialog.
  3. Enter a name for the icon.
  4. Drag the file to the Icon File field or click Choose File and browse to it.
    Your icon file must meet the following requirements.
    • File size: 2MB max
    • File type: SVG, PNG, JPEG, or JPG
    • Image aspect ratio: close to square
  1. Click the Upload button.

User Access to Custom Icons

Any icons you upload for your container nodes are available to all users in your entire customer instance of the DataKitchen DataOps Platform.

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Manage Container Icons

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