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Recipe Components

DataKitchen Recipes are processes, leveraging tools and inputs to generate analytic insights. Just like a culinary recipe, recipe graph nodes, or steps, are always processed sequentially.

Recipe nodes employ containers so that they are distinct mini-processes isolated in their processing from other nodes in a graph. Containers are lightweight, containing only the data, tools, code, libraries, and settings required to run the process for which they were designed.

Recipe Variations

One component of every recipe is its set of Variations. Each variation of a recipe is the specific selection of subset of nodes chosen for processing within the full recipe graph.

Recipe Variables

Another component of every Recipe is variables. Variables have their own process order: recipe variables are overridden by kitchen variables, and in turn override recipe variation variables. Recipe variables can refer to the specific filename of a datasource or sensitive credentials that are important to hide.

Recipe Graph

Each recipe also has a graph component representing the structure its of nodes.

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Recipe Components

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