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Use the Recipes Page

The Recipes page offers recipe-level configurations and consolidates recipe component management. Users can manage variations, nodes, graphs, variable sets (base variables and overrides), alerts, and schedules from this page.

This page also helps to clarify the hierarchy of recipe components. The graphs, nodes, variables, and schedules used in any variation actually belong to the recipe and can be shared among all of its variations.

Recipe Configuration

  • Search recipes: This type-ahead function searches recipes by name within the kitchen.
  • Filter: The filter menu allows you to add recipes from the current kitchen's version control branch and remove recipes from your current working view.
    • The default filter is the recipe list chosen during creation of the child kitchen.
    • The menu does not show any new parent kitchen recipes until those changes are merged down.
  • Recipe list: This filtered list of recipes for the current kitchen allows you to select the recipe you want to configure.
  • Description: This field offers inline editing of the optional recipe description.
  • Recipe Actions: This drop-down list consolidates basic recipe administration tasks and navigation.
    Note that at this time, you cannot rename a recipe.
    • File View: This item opens the File Editor for direct access to all underlying recipe files.
    • Edit Alerts: This item opens a dialog to configure recipe-level alerts.
    • Copy: This item opens the Copy Recipe dialog.
    • Delete: This item opens the Delete Recipe confirmation dialog to delete the recipe from the current kitchen only.
      Deleting a recipe removes it from the kitchen's version control branch, so it cannot be re-added with the recipe Filter menu, unless it can be merged down again from the parent kitchen.
  • Variations tab: On this tab, you can search variations by name, run a variation, click a variation to open its Variation page, identify ingredient variations by the diamond icons, view the recipe components used by each variation, and perform actions to add a variation, make limited variation edits, or rename, copy, delete, or set alert thresholds for a variation.
  • Nodes tab: This tab lists all nodes in the recipe and the graphs and variations that use them. Here, you can search nodes by name, and add, rename, copy, or delete a node. You can also clearly identify unused nodes.
    Note that deleting a node permanently removes it from all variation graphs that use it.
  • Graphs tab: This tab lists all graphs in the recipe and the variations that use them. Here, you can search graphs by name, add a new graph, and rename, copy, or delete an existing graph.
    Note that you cannot delete a graph that is in use by a variation.
  • Variable Sets tab: This tab allows you to add and edit base and override variable sets.
  • Schedules tab: This tab lists all schedules and the variations that use them. Here, you can add, edit, rename, copy, or delete a schedule. When you add or edit a schedule, you can also set the resource allocations for the associated order runs.

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Use the Recipes Page

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